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New Covid-19 Guidance by the ODH

The Ohio Department of Health has released new contact tracing and Covid-19 protocols for all K-12 schools. While the new information is good news it presents challenges for us as a school district as how to proceed and how to keep our students safe and healthy. The main points of the updated guidance are:

  • Students and Staff who test positive are still required to isolate at home for 5 days after symptom onset. If symptoms and fever have subsided after 5 days, they may return to school, continuing to wear a face covering for 5 additional days.

  • As a school district, we no longer are required to complete contact tracing and notify parents if their child is a close contact.

  • Quarantining for close contacts is no longer required. It is an option. If your child is a close contact of someone at school or outside of school, it will be your choice if he or she continues to attend school or to quarantine. For those who chose to quarantine, the absences will be excused as they have been in the past. We are hopeful that especially in  cases where people are continually exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the home, a choice to quarantine or at a minimum to wear a mask will be made. 

What this means for Bright Local:

  • We will continue to track and report positive Covid 19 cases. This information can be found on our district website and will be updated daily. If you have questions or are concerned about the possibility of a close contact with your student please contact the appropriate school.

  • While we are no longer required to identify close contacts, we will attempt to contact in situations where we believe a positive case may directly compromise someone who may have underlying conditions or in obvious cases of contact.

  • Students involved in sports are highly encouraged to follow the “Mask to Stay, Test to Play option. This option is available but not required.

  • Masks will continue to be required on all district vehicles due to a federal mandate until at least March 18th, 2022.

The Bottom Line: If you are sick or you are experiencing symptoms, STAY HOME and stay safe! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me

Thank you,

Mike Bick, Superintendent.